Read Erinn’s Story

When Erinn Cayehal interviewed Dr. Tom Corwin at Restorative & Aesthetic Dental Associates, she knew this was the practice that would save her teeth. Erinn had visited other dentists, but decided on Dr. Corwin because he showed the most expertise and outlined a complete plan from start to finish.

“Dr. Corwin was actually willing to do a consultation outside the dentist chair,” Erinn said. “They also gave me a good price, especially compared to other quotes I had received.”

Fourteen of Erinn’s teeth had to be saved, as the enamel has nearly worn off. Dr. Corwin put crowns or veneers on all of them over the course of a year. The work was completed in phases since he was replacing so many teeth at once and had to adjust Erinn’s bite accordingly.

“It was really intense, but I was never once in pain. There were times I was so comfortable I would fall asleep. I’d bring my blanket and they would provide cushions and offer music,” she said.

Erinn felt like this was a low point in her life, but said Dr. Corwin turned it around and made it a high point.

“He educated me about why my teeth had gotten to the condition they were in and why it was important to recover and restore them,” Erinn explained. “It really affected me beyond dental reasons. This helped me get to a healthier place in my life.”

First, Dr. Corwin put on a set of temporary teeth try them out. He discovered some problems with those, then put on second set of temporaries which worked well. After that, the technician could make a permanent set there in the lab.

“Robbin, who makes the teeth in the lab, got really invested in doing excellent work and making it perfect,” she said. “And Dr. Corwin’s assistant, Julie, was caring and gentle.”

Erinn said the fact that they all took pride in their work and kept her involved in the process made her feel comfortable. She also said the office staff always remembered her and would ask about how things were going, making her feel at home.

“It’s rare to get a group of people like them working in one place. I felt that they all wanted to make sure I was happy with the way my teeth looked and felt,” she said. “They look like perfect teeth but also like natural teeth.”

She did not have insurance at the time, but Restorative & Aesthetic Dental Associates allowed Erinn to pay for their services in installments. She said the way the payments were structured and scheduled was reasonable, and since they started right away, she had paid the full amount by the time her teeth were finished.

Now, Erin said, people are always commenting on her teeth. Those that she has met after having the work done say, “You have the most beautiful smile,” while those she knew before say, “You look better than I’ve seen you look for years. Something is different about you…”

This experience has also inspired Erinn beyond her own story. She sought out and donates to Smile Train, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide free cleft lip and palate surgery for millions of poor children in developing countries, and free cleft-related training for doctors and medical professionals in these areas.