Read Jim’s Story

For almost two decades, Jim Gravel and his family—including four children—have gone to Restorative & Aesthetic Dental Associates. The family all see Dr. Leigh Philbrick for twice yearly check-ups. Jim has had crowns put on and a mouth guard, while his children have all had sealant treatments.

“We’ve had whatever treatments we’ve needed, but Dr. Philbrick doesn’t push stuff on you,” Jim said. “He’s good-natured about letting you know what you need to have done without making you feel like you dread going to the dentist.”

Jim also feels that Dr. Philbrick looks at his family’s dental health from a long term perspective, which includes providing good referrals for orthodontists. He likes Dr. Philbrick’s easy going demeanor and the way he is in tune with what each patient needs. For instance, Dr. Philbrick has learned that it takes longer for Novocaine to take effect on Mike compared to other patients.

“I wouldn’t consider going to anyone else. Dr. Philbrick likes what he does, and he likes his patients,” Jim said. “He makes a relaxed atmosphere out of what could be a stressful situation.”

Jim also values the office staff, whom he says are excellent with follow-up and flexible on scheduling appointments, as well as the dental hygienists, whom he feels are skilled professionals with good interpersonal skills.

“Everyone in the office is part of a good team. There’s a lot of collaboration and partnership and they seem to enjoy working with each other,” Mike said.

He said the practice projects a comprehensive, total care approach. Because the staff is tight-knit, he feels this helps them be connected to the patients.

“Dr. Philbrick’s partners have been great about seeing me when he has been away or on vacation,” Mike said. “I feel like my family is being treated by the whole practice.”