Read Kevin’s Story

When Kevin Rogers graduated from college, he began looking around for a dentist and took his mother’s recommendation to try Restorative & Aesthetic Dental Associates.

He has been a patient of the practice for more than 20 years now and regularly sees Dr. Tom Corwin for cleanings and exams. Dr. Corwin has also applied resin to some of Kevin’s teeth where the gums were beginning to recede, which helps to keep food away from those areas.

“I have total faith and absolute confidence in this practice,” Kevin said. “I don’t know where I could acquire care like this – in even the largest cities of the world.”

Dr. Corwin realized that Kevin’s bite was misaligned, and was able to correct it, thanks to new techniques he learned in his continuing education courses. Now Kevin no longer wears his teeth down by grinding them.

Kevin also appreciates the skills of Tamara, the hygienist who regularly cleans and checks his teeth.

“I adore her. I always compliment her work to her and to Dr. Corwin,” Kevin said. “I actually enjoy going to the dentist, and I know I have very clean teeth.”

He also said the office staff makes him feel welcome and at home.

“They all do an incredible job. It’s sort of like being in a pseudo-family.”

At Restorative & Aesthetic Dental Associates, each patient’s overall dental health is documented on a regular basis in accordance with a rating system. This maintains a clear reference for each patient’s dental health at any point in their history, which Kevin said he finds “very impressive.”

“This practice is professional, trusted, and dedicated to patients’ dental health,” Kevin added. “There is a great deal of concern for each person they see.”