Read Susan’s Story

Susan Whitehouse, who splits her time between each end of the East Coast, realized that although she saw a dentist in Florida, she needed to find one in Maine. Her daughter, who lives in Maine, suggested Restorative & Aesthetic Dental Associates, following a recommendation from someone who had worked in several local dental offices.

“I have been traumatized by going to the dentist my whole life, but this is an entirely different experience for me,” Susan said. “What separates them is that they treat the whole person. It’s definitely a person first, patient second, way of thinking. “

Susan’s first visit to Dr. Scott Burke included a lot of talking. He wanted to understand the basis of her fears and what she had experienced in the past.

“Time was totally irrelevant,” Susan said. “Dr. Burke didn’t care how long it took. He wanted to work out things. This is not a ‘hurry up, get in, then get out’ type of place.”

Suffering from a traumatic childhood dental experience, Susan only saw her dentist in Florida once every two years, putting off visits as long as she could. Now, she sees Dr. Burke once every three to four months. She said he found a few teeth that needed special attention, and she has her teeth cleaned in sections.

“It’s a testimony to them that I can now go to the dentist this often,” she said. “The main thing for me is that they see the person and what you need to have done in your mouth.”

Susan said the office staff, including Kris and Kathy, helped to make her feel comfortable right away, while Tammie, Dr. Burke’s dental assistant, and Tammy, the hygienist, continued making her feel at ease.

“They don’t come at you like Mary Poppins or talk to you like kindergarten teachers. There is just this genuine, sincere way they have,” Susan said. “Something subtle, like a squeeze of the hand. They are all so skilled at what they do.”

This experience is also the first time Susan has understood the problems in her mouth and how they could be corrected. Dr. Burke showed her X-Rays and photographs of her teeth in the first visit, and in the second visit he presented options.

“He showed me my teeth in a way I had never seen them before,” Susan said. “Then he said, ‘We will do whatever you are most comfortable with.'”

With everything thoroughly explained, Susan feels confident making these choices, knowing that she has Dr. Burke’s expertise behind her.

“If you were to design everything you wanted in a dental office, without fear or worries, this is it. They just take care of you here.”